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Sculptor Herb Williams has taken working with crayons to the next level. This amazing outdoor installation “Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire” at the National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University in Lubbock depicts wildfires, and is then meant to melt in the Texas weather conditions. Truly awesome!

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Hot off the press… invitation suite for the International Center of Photography’s 28th Annual Infinity Awards.

Had to share the excellent work of Philadelphia firm The Heads of State. Wilco poster caught my eye, which led me to their Travel series. Their use of color is particularly remarkable. Enjoy!

Add your own sound effects:

Simple, smart, effective ads from Ogilvy & Mather, Hong Kong


Ohio artist Mark Langan makes very intricate logo creations (and other artwork) out of corrugated cardboard. Can’t imagine what that tedious process is like, but the results are amazing.


Anchor Steam is a favorite – both for the beer they make, and for the design of their labels. It turns out that one hand has been responsible for the company’s design as long as it has been around: Jim Stitt. And that means he draws them by hand. There is a nice story about him from a few years ago HERE.

One Anchor Steam batch is “Small Beer” and the bottle has a small label – a conceptual beer label!

The Barbour Self-Promo cards are finally finished are ready to be shipped! Keep the ideas coming and let’s make some more spectacular design magic!


Shepard Fairey admitted that he tried to destroy evidence that would link his Obama “Hope” poster to the photo he based it on. Using a photo as inspiration is complicated. At what point does it become yours to use? If you are destroying evidence that links your connection to the original, there is a probably a problem.

CLICK HERE for the story.

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