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Inspired by letters part 2.

Inspired by letters.

Canadian illustrator and designer Tavis Coburn’s unique vintage style, inspired by 1940s comic book art, the Russian avant-garde movement, and printed materials from the 1950s/60s, is truly remarkable. Each work is created by an involved process of painting, digital design, and hand silkscreening. We first noticed his work featured in ESPN The Magazine, but now realize he’s everywhere! His impressive list of clients includes Time, Rolling Stone, GQ, The NFL, Nike, Fortune Magazine, Discovery Networks, and Entertainment Weekly, to name a few.


We’ve been finding that our clients’ latest obsession is the “wordle” or “tag cloud“. In that same vein, German designer Dirk Schächter painstakingly handset the names of countries worldwide in Helvetica Neue Black Condensed to correspond with their respective land masses. This 2-sided poster is not a product of computer auto-generation, folks… but good old fashioned typography. Pentagram also designed a visually similar series of posters for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, found here.

Via Typomaps

South Korean designer Jiyoung Yoon employs a really interesting use of typography and photography to create this great collection of silhouettes. Well done!
Via Behance

Check out this upbeat tour through the English alphabet by Brazilian designer Ariel Costa of Studio Nitro. The dynamic and fluid animation had us impressed from A to Z. Be sure to check out the studio’s impressive body of work too. Download the ChunkFive font used in this piece here.

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Admittedly, this may be a bore to non-designers, but we found Method of Action’s “Color” matching game truly addictive. There are no real instructions, but the interface is fairly intuitive… simply match the displayed color by locating its position on the color wheel. Sounds simple, but it increases in difficulty as you proceed. The game was developed by Spanish designers Maria Munuera and Mark MacKay. Enjoy!

Play the game here:

Orpheus Gala Invitation

Barbour Design recently completed an elegant invitation for Orpheus Chamber Orchestra’s 2012 Gala. The event theme, “Bach to Brazil,” was reflected in the invitation’s tropic-inspired design and prismatic Orpheus color palette. Materials designed included a save-the-date postcard, invitation, reply card, note cards and envelopes. Printing all the materials on Neenah Flash White added an extra touch of sparkle to the vibrant design.

Los Angeles designer/art director Christian McCall created this dynamic microsite for Nike. Really stunning

“Interactive website and in-store kiosk experience allowing users to communicate their sports interests to Nike and build their own personalized player icon case displaying their selections that can be shared via Facebook and Twitter.”

Via Behance

Dutch artist Peter Schuyff has mastered the art of carving, specifically baseball bats, into intricate curved forms. Pretty remarkable… I imagine it’s quite a process to achieve the delicate curves without it falling apart in the process.


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