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Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli takes a fascinating look at food in his Big Appetites macro photography series. The motivation of Boffoli’s work goes beyond humor, it also serves as a commentary on our societal obsession with excess, particularly as it relates to food. Either way, it’s a really well-executed, fun series. Dig in!



Italian creative agency Visiva created these great “hero” illustrations. Love the style and uniformity‚Ķ would make a great poster series. Happy Friday!

Via Behance

Japanese born artist Kumi Yamashita is a true master of manipulating light and shadow. Her stunning work utilizes a single light source to bring each piece to life. Yamashita was commissioned by American Express to create an origami wall installation of portraits of 22 employees. And, more recently, her shadow work Untitled (Child) was featured in a Smithsonian Museum exhibit in Washington D.C., and now travels nationally and internationally. Also be sure to check out her Constellation portraits.


I like the appropriation of Revolution Gothic for Obama’s new campaign. Even though it is very retro it feels fresh in the Obama branding system that has been created. Nostalgic yet forward.

Via Buzzfeed


Check out this awesome video conceptualized by Kim Hold for Matta! It’s a mix of beautiful cinematography, nature, and infographics.


Kim Holm

The typographic experimentation for the House of Hoops by StudioKxx / Krzysztof Domardzki, is exquisite, catering to their urban audience while also keeping a sophisticated eye. Of course the fact that Houston (my hometown) is mentioned also interest me.

Via StudioKxx

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