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Spanish designer simply known as Txaber clearly has a penchant for typography. His experimental work creating type out of various materials is really intriguing and well done. We’d love a behind-the-scenes look at how he does it!



Lego lovers at heart will surely be taken by these awesome creations by French designer Thibaut Malet. Handmade of wood in limited editions of 20, these make an awesome gift. Hint, hint…


We really love the work of Minneapolis-based multidisciplinary artist Brock Davis (see a previous post here). There is an aesthetically pleasing, very ordered and simple thread throughout all of his work, and Davis produces an amazing variety. This recent lightbulb series for Wired Magazine is just one example. Brock rocks!


By Mother New York:

This probably doesn’t have mass appeal, but for those superhero buffs out there, you will instantly recognize what Mexican-born, New York-based producer/designer/photographer Carlos Naude is up to with this simplistic series.

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The holiday shopping season has officially begun, and we are reminded how much untapped marketing potential is right in our hands. We at Barbour had seen many of these great shopping bags some time ago, and are inspired by these European designs. Would love to see U.S. retailers kick up the shopping bag creativity.


We at Barbour do not fancy ourselves industrial designers, but with a certain fondness for Japanese cuisine, we find this to be an excellent concept. Aptly named “Spoonplus”, it’s a hybrid between chopsticks and a spoon designed by Paris-based designer Aïssa Logerot. Not only can you pinch/pick-up with the chopsticks and scoop with the spoon, but the spoon part also detaches to become a dipping tray. Great, simple design.


In an effort to showcase potential ESPN partnerships, the Barbour team recently designed these custom labels as a gift to marketing executives. They mimic the actual packaging, but with ESPN branding. A really fun project that was well received.

When Clase Premier magazine, AeroMéxico’s first- and business-class in-flight magazine, decided to feature renowned Danish chef René Redzepi on its cover, one could never imagine the resulting brilliance. This amazing silhouette of Redzepi’s face was illustrated photographically by Mexican design studio Golpeavisa, “by shooting a bunch of cuisine and kitchen related elements in perspective.” This clearly involved a great vision and lots of planning. Be sure to check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look.

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The creative genius of the Dutch is no more apparent than the annual Bloemencorso, a flower parade in the small city of Zundert, the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh that’s just northeast of Belgium. The fact that each float is made of natural flowers only adds to the allure of these mobile sculptures… many of which are true works of art by any measure, regardless of material. We especially love the bursting cityscape and giant goldfish.


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