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French photographer (and master retoucher) Christophe Huet marries photography and CGI in some really amazing and effective ways. These Christmas-themed pieces are incredible. What we wouldn’t give to wake up to these little marvels under the tree! Happy Holidays!


Huet-1 Huet-2 Huet-3 Huet-4

Savannah, Georgia-based freelance designer and SCAD student Justin Barber (no relation to us) has tapped into his branding and identity skills for this witty series about everyday white lies, uncovering the difference between what we say and what we mean. Well done.


Barber-01 Barber-02 Barber-03 Barber-04 Barber-05 Barber-06 Barber-07 Barber-08 Barber-09 Barber-10 Barber-11 Barber-12 Barber-13 Barber-14 Barber-15 Barber-16

Nashville-based illustrator/designer/artist Derrick Castle (aka Straw Castle) started off designed t-shirts. With more exposure came more opportunities, and Castle has since gone on to illustrate designs for the likes of Kid Rock, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Def Leppard, among others. The details in his block printing are phenomenal. Be sure to also check out his Etsy shop.


Strawcastle-01 Strawcastle-02 Strawcastle-03 Strawcastle-04 Strawcastle-05 Strawcastle-06 Strawcastle-07 Strawcastle-08 Strawcastle-09 Strawcastle-10 Strawcastle-11

UK artist Amy Robins has amazing skill and talent. Her hyperrealistic portraiture work is reminiscent of Samuel Silva. With little more than colored pencils, Robins creates incredible portraits. Also love her more conceptual pieces. Well done

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Robins-1Robins-2 Robins-3 Robins-4 Robins-5

In honor of the close to what seemed like a very long week, we bring you the impeccable work of Paris-based Swiss art director Juri Zaech. Zaech enjoys developing side projects, including this “Write a Bike” series that marries typography and bikes in a decidedly retro way. Happy Friday!

Via and Behance

Zaech-1 Zaech-2 Zaech-3 Zaech-4 Zaech-5 Zaech-6

Okay, yes, this is pretty geeky, but we really love this floppy disk table by Berlin-based design duo Axel van Exel and Marian Neulant of Neuland van Exel. You might expect it to be made out of plastic, but it’s actually built from steel (with the iconic silver shutter doubling as a hidden storage compartment).


Floppy-1 Floppy-2 Floppy-3 Floppy-4 Floppy-5 Floppy-6 Floppy-7

British designer Rowan Stocks-Moore clearly has a fondness for Disney movies, but interprets them in an unexpected way. Rather than the lighthearted and charming Disney movie poster depictions we’re used to, Stocks-Moore explores the darker side of these tales with some smart silhouettes. Prints of this growing series are available here.

Via Tumblr

Stocks-Moore-01 Stocks-Moore-02 Stocks-Moore-03 Stocks-Moore-04 Stocks-Moore-05 Stocks-Moore-06 Stocks-Moore-07 Stocks-Moore-08 Stocks-Moore-09 Stocks-Moore-11 Stocks-Moore-12

Iowa-based illustrator/designer Michael Myers (aka Drawsgood) has a great eclectic style. We really like the varied execution of his work. For fans of the TV series LOST, you’ll appreciate his reimagining it as an animated series. Also love his Avengers head shots.



This is just way too good not to share. Brand design consultancy Equator Design recently brewed and packaged this limited run of pale ale as a self promo. Looks amazing. From the debossed labels to the handcrafted wood boxes, we are in awe.



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