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Japanese motion graphics designer and 3D illustrator simply known as Mount&Star is one to watch. His GIF animations are particularly remarkable… such subtlety and detail push the boundaries of what GIF animation can achieve. And his sense of typography, matched with excellent motion design and 3D modeling skills make for some really phenomenal work.

Via Behance

Mount&Star-01 Mount&Star-02 Mount&Star-03 Mount&Star-04 Mount&Star-05 Mount&Star-06 Mount&Star-07 Mount&Star-08 Mount&Star-09 Mount&Star-10 Mount&Star-11 Mount&Star-12 Mount&Star-13 Mount&Star-14 Mount&Star-15 Mount&Star-16

Barcelona-based design studio Forma and Co. recently completed a fantastic project entitled “Re-Vision”, which is “an exercise in style and synthesis of different cultural icons.” These sophisticated illustrated portraits, in the form of postcards, are super minimalist, but immediately recognizable. And the colors are stunning! Wish they were for sale….

Via Behance

Forma-01 Forma-02 Forma-03 Forma-04 Forma-05 Forma-06 Forma-07 Forma-08 Forma-09 Forma-10 Forma-11 Forma-12 Forma-13 Forma-14 Forma-15

Canadian artist Guy Laramee’s work carving books (yes, books!) into landscapes is absolutely remarkable. He transforms books of all sizes into stunning topographical scenes with amazing care and attention to detail. In his own words, “I carve landscapes out of books and I paint romantic landscapes. Mountains of disused knowledge return to what they really are: mountains. They erode a bit more and they become hills. Then they flatten and become fields where apparently nothing is happening. Piles of obsolete encyclopedias return to that which does not need to say anything, that which simply IS.”


Laramee-01 Laramee-02 Laramee-03 Laramee-04 Laramee-05 Laramee-06 Laramee-07 Laramee-08 Laramee-09 Laramee-10 Laramee-11 Laramee-12 Laramee-13

This series of jailhouses by Brazilian Creative Director Felipe Luchi for an Outside Magazine print campaign are really intriguing. Just one of those things that we look at in awe. Interesting concept, and amazing execution. Well done, indeed.


Luchi-1 Luchi-2 Luchi-3


North Carolina-based designer/illustrator Matt Stevens has a great eye for branding. His focus and skill with brand identity programs is clear, even in this tongue-in-cheek badge set. We know from experience, successful branding is a tall order, and Stevens captures a quick visual crux of these varying badges beautifully.

Via Behance

Stevens-1 Stevens-2 Stevens-3 Stevens-4

No Photoshop here, folks. Though these geometric arrangements of fruits and vegetables feel digitally manipulated, they are the result of crazy meticulous cutting and arranging by Turkish photographer Sakir Gökçebag. The series has a really unique quality… can’t stop looking at them. The unnatural precision is really striking.


Gokcebag-01 Gokcebag-02 Gokcebag-03 Gokcebag-04 Gokcebag-05 Gokcebag-06 Gokcebag-07 Gokcebag-08 Gokcebag-09 Gokcebag-10 Gokcebag-11 Gokcebag-12 Gokcebag-13 Gokcebag-14

Russian illustrator/designer/art director Eiko Ojala creates beautiful work with paper. The layering technique Ojala employes in his collages feels really fresh and unique. The nuance he achieves in small details, particularly in his portrait work, is really something. His keen sense of color rounds out this excellent body of work.


Ojala-01 Ojala-02 Ojala-03 Ojala-04 Ojala-05 Ojala-06 Ojala-07 Ojala-08 Ojala-09 Ojala-10 Ojala-11 Ojala-12 Ojala-13 Ojala-14 Ojala-15 Ojala-16 Ojala-17 Ojala-18 Ojala-19

We always appreciate well executed reinterpretations of movie and TV posters (think Olly Moss and Mondo). We recently came across some work of New York-based designer/art director Laz Marquez, and he certainly falls into that category. Marquez’s ability to mix up his style seems to be a strength here; He does not employ one particular style for all of these works, but rather adjusts his style based on the subject matter.


Marquez-05Marquez-06 Marquez-07 Marquez-08Marquez-01 Marquez-02  Marquez-03 Marquez-04  Marquez-09 Marquez-10 Marquez-11 Marquez-12 Marquez-13

New York-based artist Daniel Arsham has been exploring the use of broken glass in some if his latest work. These striking sculptures are built with broken shards of glass, which are compacted and held together with resin. We also love the cameras he sculpted from sand and stone. There is something to be said for the art of manipulating simple materials in new and unexpected ways, and Arsham’s work is certainly evidence of that.


Arsham-01 Arsham-02 Arsham-03 Arsham-04 Arsham-05 Arsham-06 Arsham-07 Arsham-08 Arsham-09 Arsham-10 Arsham-11 Arsham-12

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