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Paris-based high-end freelance photo retoucher Cristian Girotto is crazy talented. His L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) series demonstrates what it would like if adults’ inner child were revealed. It’s a fascinating look at bodily proportions and features that make a child, well, look like a child. We would love to see before photos of his subjects, though. Quirky subject matter aside, it’s worth noting that these are beautiful photos. In his own words, Girotto says: “…somewhere inside each of us, there’s a young core, instinctive, creative but also innocent and naïve. What would happen if this intimate essence would be completely revealed?”


Girotto-1 Girotto-2 Girotto-3 Girotto-4 Girotto-5 Girotto-6

London based designer and art director Yoni Alter developed this series of beautiful posters, Shapes of Cities, depicting cities from around the world and a spectrum of vibrant colors. But as with all good design, it’s more than meets the eye. These depictions of select cities, each featuring silhouettes of key buildings and landmarks, are actually to accurate comparative scale, as indicated by the system of measurements up the right side of each piece. Prints are available here


Alter-01 Alter-02 Alter-03 Alter-04 Alter-05 Alter-06 Alter-07 Alter-08 Alter-09 Alter-10

In keeping with the theme of movie posters, we want to take an opportunity to showcase the excellent work of Los Angeles-based design firm DKNG (see our previous post here). This time it’s for the iconic 1980s film Big Top Pee-Wee. We love the clean lines and attention to so many details. It’s no surprise that the limited-edition poster sold out on Mondo the DAY it was released.



Just in time for the Oscars, which take place this Sunday, creative genius Olly Moss (here and here) designed this amazing poster, featuring Best Picture Academy Awards from the past 85 years… each represented by its main character. Moss’s work never ceases to amaze and delight.


Moss-1 Moss-2 Moss-3

We’ve always loved a good matchbook design. It’s sort of a lost art, really. When recent grad and Philadelphia-based designer Woody Harrington was asked to design a publishing piece for a series of flash fiction stories (basically a style of fiction literature of extreme brevity), he decided to turn them into vintage matchbooks. Harrington selected nine stories from Lou Beach’s “420 Characters” series, and turned each into a matchbook, deriving all design details from their respective story. The vintage feel seems authentic, and the way he transformed such a brief bit of writing into a tangible object is what design is all about. Big fans of this!


Harrington-01 Harrington-02 Harrington-03 Harrington-04 Harrington-05 Harrington-06 Harrington-07 Harrington-08 Harrington-09 Harrington-10 Harrington-11 Harrington-12 Harrington-13 Harrington-14 Harrington-15 Harrington-16

We often take slick television graphics for granted, so let’s take a moment to recognize the awesomeness of one of the best and most dynamic in the business: SportsCenter. Los Angeles-based art director/motion designer Craig Stouffer did some stellar work on these highly detailed sequences as part of the team at creative branding agency Troika who developed them. Video montage here

Via Behance and

Stouffer-1 Stouffer-2 Stouffer-3 Stouffer-4 Stouffer-5 Stouffer-6 Stouffer-7 Stouffer-8 Stouffer-9

Atlanta-based artist Suzy Myers is clearly adept at the art of quilling (basically cutting colorful strips of paper and rolling them with a special tool… no doubt much more difficult and intricate than it sounds). Myers’ replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Night is really something. Myers bills herself as someone who crafts, but this looks like something more. Incredible!


Myers-1 Myers-2 Myers-3 Myers-4 Myers-5 Myers-6

Paris-based artist Benoit Jammes finally found a use for all those old audio cassette tapes he had lying around. Inspired by 1980s nostalgia, Jammes resurrected the tapes and gave them new life. Some are pop culture references, others are simply fun.


Jammes-01 Jammes-02 Jammes-03 Jammes-04 Jammes-05 Jammes-06 Jammes-07 Jammes-08 Jammes-09 Jammes-10 Jammes-11 Jammes-12 Jammes-13 Jammes-14 Jammes-15 Jammes-16

We love the work of Spanish designer/art director David de la Fuente. His identity and typography work is impeccable. And, appropriately enough, he even has a piece honoring February 14th. Check out some of his work below (identity for a sport fishing shop, business card for shower and bath screen specialist, film poster, identity for international sports schools, identity for translation and training services company, poster campaign for occupational risks prevention), and more on his site.


Fuente-01 Fuente-02 Fuente-03 Fuente-04 Fuente-05 Fuente-06 Fuente-07 Fuente-08 Fuente-09 Fuente-10 Fuente-11 Fuente-12 Fuente-13 Fuente-14 Fuente-15 Fuente-16 Fuente-17 Fuente-18


For those of you who grew up in the ’80s, the anti-drug public service announcements were inescapable. If nothing else, they were memorable (after all, we’re referencing them some 25 years later). When advertising firm Team Detroit was tasked with creating an ad campaign for the College for Creative Studies, they could have taken many different routes, but decided on a series of low-tech posters that parody those familiar PSAs, with hilariously smart results. We LOVE these….


TeamDetroit-01 TeamDetroit-02 TeamDetroit-03 TeamDetroit-04 TeamDetroit-05 TeamDetroit-06 TeamDetroit-07 TeamDetroit-08 TeamDetroit-09 TeamDetroit-10 TeamDetroit-11 TeamDetroit-12

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