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Brooklyn-based sculptor Tara Donovan is known for transforming large volumes of everyday objects into incredible, impactful works. The sheer scope of her work seems to defy the laws of nature; piling, layering and bundling in almost organic forms that seem to bring to mind natural systems. These photos probably don’t even do her work justice. Donovan’s many accolades include the prestigious MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Award, among many others.



Photo 1: pins, toothpicks, glass; photo 2: adding machine paper; photos 3-4: buttons and glue; photos 5-6: polyester film; photos 7-8: styrofoam cups and glue; photo 9: pencils; photos 10-11: plastic drinking straws; photos 12-13: plastic cups

Donovan-01 Donovan-02 Donovan-03 Donovan-04 Donovan-05 Donovan-06 Donovan-07 Donovan-08 Donovan-09 Donovan-10 Donovan-11 Donovan-12 Donovan-13


Quebec-based illustrator Sébastien Thibault has an impressive body of work. In addition to an aesthetically pleasing, bold, slightly grungy style, his conceptual approach is really smart. And this thoughtful mastery has attracted an outstanding client list, including Time Magazine, Wired Magazine, Boston Globe, Consumer Reports, and Readers Digest, among others.


Thibault-1 Thibault-2 Thibault-3 Thibault-4 Thibault-5 Thibault-6 Thibault-7

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