Whatever you prefer to call it – hyper-realistic, super-realistic, photo-realistic – what’s real is the remarkable level of skill involved. We’re so taken with this type of art, we’ve featured it several times before (here and here and here and here). This time, it’s the work of Singapore-based artist Ivan Hoo. What makes his work unique is his canvas of choice… a simple board of wood. Hoo’s incredibly realistic pieces interact directly with the wood surface, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality. What’s even more impressive is that Hoo is self-taught. Armed with a few colored pencils, pastels and inks, Hoo transforms everyday objects into drawings with unbelievable results. His Starbucks cup is one of our favorites. Try not to drool too much.

Via Instagram and Tumblr

Hoo-01 Hoo-02

Alright a lot have ask for different angle of the Starbucks drawing.

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Hoo-03 Hoo-04Hoo-05

About to finish this drawing. #skippy #peanutbutter Video credit goes to my sis @sutekimeow #pastel #charcoal #ink #pencil on plywood

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[Nutella.Spill.] #wip. #pastel on wood.

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Working on a new drawing.✨😊#wip Full video on my Facebook page Ivan Hoo Art.

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[Detail.;] #BoykoKolev inspired piece..More progress on my Tumblr @ivanhooart.

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