When done well, surrealist digital photography can be like stepping into a dream (here and here). Poland-based photographer Beata Bieniak has a terrific body of work, but we were struck by many of her manipulated works that have a dream-like feel. And feeling is clearly at the heart of Bieniak’s work. Uniquely whimsical and poignant at the same time, Bieniak takes the viewer on a journey into her vivid imagination.

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Bieniak-01 Bieniak-02 Bieniak-03 Bieniak-04 Bieniak-05 Bieniak-06 Bieniak-07 Bieniak-08 Bieniak-09 Bieniak-10 Bieniak-11 Bieniak-12 Bieniak-13 Bieniak-14 Bieniak-15 Bieniak-16 Bieniak-17 Bieniak-18