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Young Serbian designer Tamara Mihajlovic has some impressive skills. Her student work for a luxury honey brand, of all things, is really, really good. From the container, to the logotype, to the typography, to the name, this project is well conceived and beautifully executed. Mihajlovic is a designer to watch.

Via Behance

Mihajlovic-1 Mihajlovic-2 Mihajlovic-3 Mihajlovic-4 Mihajlovic-5 Mihajlovic-6 Mihajlovic-7


Calgary-based designer/illustrator Michael Mateyko, of the design duo otherwise known as KOMBOH (with Hans Thiessen), has found yet another way to showcase the superhero artwork that we love and admire. This time it’s a poster of minimalist superheroes in tidy little circles. Though there are admittedly some obscure characters here, known only to hardcore comic book fans, the mainstays are also well represented in a fresh manner. Prints for sale here.


Mateyko-1 Mateyko-2

We love the work of Spanish designer/art director David de la Fuente. His identity and typography work is impeccable. And, appropriately enough, he even has a piece honoring February 14th. Check out some of his work below (identity for a sport fishing shop, business card for shower and bath screen specialist, film poster, identity for international sports schools, identity for translation and training services company, poster campaign for occupational risks prevention), and more on his site.


Fuente-01 Fuente-02 Fuente-03 Fuente-04 Fuente-05 Fuente-06 Fuente-07 Fuente-08 Fuente-09 Fuente-10 Fuente-11 Fuente-12 Fuente-13 Fuente-14 Fuente-15 Fuente-16 Fuente-17 Fuente-18


It’s clear that we love superhero art (and, um, eggs, it should be noted), and there’s a lot of it out there. So when we came across this unique take (also see Helvetica Heroes and Superbugs) by Italian artist Simone Zulli, we had to share.

Via Tumblr

Zulli-1 Zulli-2

The Super Bowl and marketing have a lot more in common than you may think. Check out this smart infographic by marketing software company Insightera.



North Carolina-based designer/illustrator Matt Stevens has a great eye for branding. His focus and skill with brand identity programs is clear, even in this tongue-in-cheek badge set. We know from experience, successful branding is a tall order, and Stevens captures a quick visual crux of these varying badges beautifully.

Via Behance

Stevens-1 Stevens-2 Stevens-3 Stevens-4

Good logo design is a tall order. Though the average person takes them for granted, well designed logos require lots of research, thought and planning (and time). Blogger Seth Rosenthal recently sat down with the man behind the Knicks logo, New York-raised, Los Angeles-based designer Michael Doret. It’s a great look at the process, and how some great designs often go unused (a phenomenon that we at Barbour are all too familiar with).

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Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman of Los Angeles-based design firm DKNG have found their niche in the music and entertainment industries. They have a great aesthetic that seems to evolve with each new project. We particularly love the Bon Iver tour poster (beautiful halftoning) and Paramount Pictures’ 100th Anniversary print (amazing icon set).


San Francisco-based creative director Robert Murdock has a outstanding body of work that ranges from interface design to brand and identity to interactive design. His site, Postmammal, the name of which he describes as being “based on the notion that humans are always evolving, and are always looking for what’s next — essentially what’s beyond human”, showcases some of his work. We love his branding work for health and heart rate monitor company Basis. Clean, sophisticated, thoughtful.


Brazilian-born, now California-based designer Roger Oddone has a master’s degree in Branding, and is clearly a master in branding. His concepts are really thoughtful, and execution is flawless. We love that he shows inspiration and construction too.


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