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As designers, we have to retouch photos at least occasionally. But this retouching, by Portland, OR-based designer/photographer/Photoshop expert Daniel Kopton (AKA DanKlife), is truly awe-inspiring. Like a masterclass in photo retouching, this before-and-after look at Kopton’s work for Nike USA Basketball campaign is really enlightening… not only for the robust capabilities of modern computer software, but also the sheer talent of Kopton. Will definitely be looking at these every so often for a dose of inspiration.

Via Behance

DanKlife-01 DanKlife-02 DanKlife-03 DanKlife-04 DanKlife-05 DanKlife-06 DanKlife-07 DanKlife-08 DanKlife-09 DanKlife-10 DanKlife-11 DanKlife-12 DanKlife-13 DanKlife-14 DanKlife-15 DanKlife-16 DanKlife-17 DanKlife-18 DanKlife-19 DanKlife-20 DanKlife-21 DanKlife-22 DanKlife-23 DanKlife-24

The German arm of global ad agency McCann Erickson developed this fantastic series of Olympic posters for Coca-Cola last year. Though the London Olympics are long over, these posters could easily be relevant at any Olympic Games. We love the strong, simple integration of the Coca-Cola brand with Olympic athletes. Really well done.


McCann-1 McCann-2 McCann-3 McCann-4 McCann-5 McCann-6 McCann-7

With the 2012 Summer Olympics coming to a close this weekend, we thought it fitting to dig up some Olympics-inspired art. We love Texas photographer Cody Hamilton’s take on the Olympic rings, as well as “Liquidated Olympic Rings” print by street artist Zevs (pronounced “Zeus”). Then there’s this fantastic 60s inspired print by German illustrator Dieter Braun (available for purchase here). Swedish designer Viktor Hertz designed this brilliant London 2012 poster (perhaps our favorite) that makes great use of the Olympic rings. Farewell, summer games. See you in Rio in 2016….

Another 2012 Summer Olympics post! While checking my yahoo email today I saw the splash page featuring these amazing geometric illustrations by Charis Tsevis. Absolutely love. You can tell there is inspiration from the logo (which I love no matter what anyone says). Enjoy!

More here: My Modern Met

To honor the 2012 London Olympics, which begin today, Greek designer Charis Tsevis took a really compelling approach to these portraits. As with previous works, the complexity of Tsevis’s work is stunning. His use of type, the colors, everything. Simply awesome.


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