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German design studio FOREAL is responsible for this eye-opening alphabet. Built in Cinema 4D, this self-initiated set of letters pushes the envelope by dressing each letter to represent food, objects and even human body parts. The level of detail is really quite something. Not to mention the personality the folks at FOREAL bring to each character. Great marriage of technology and creativity! Be sure to check out the complete alphabet (as well as more of their fantastic work) at the link below and on their website.

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Croatian multidisciplinary designer Vladimir Koncar has a fondness for experimental typography, as shown in his terrific typography project called Diary Type. “Diary Type is a kind of personal typographic diary that started as a experiment in 2007. I collect various objects and from them I form the letters. With those letters I write my thoughts down and they are a symbolic link between the font and the reflections.” We particularly love the seemingly random choice of materials.


Koncar-01 Koncar-02 Koncar-03 Koncar-04 Koncar-05 Koncar-06 Koncar-07 Koncar-08 Koncar-09 Koncar-10 Koncar-11 Koncar-12 Koncar-13 Koncar-14

London-based illustrator/designer Jing Zhang has mastered marrying technical, isometric forms, with a bit of whimsy. This great series of typographical forms spans the alphabet, and imagines each letter as some sort of building/machine/landscape. Really creative, love it.

Via Behance

Zhang-1 Zhang-2 Zhang-3 Zhang-4 Zhang-5 Zhang-6

Alphabet posters can be a dime a dozen. But this bold silk screened series, by UK firm Yeah No Yeah (YNY), is special. These would look great on our walls!


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