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It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of photographer Emily Blincoe (previous posts here and here). Blincoe splits her time between Austin (ampersand) Nashville, creating some compelling photography, that’s both thoughtful and fun. A quick look at her typographic ampersand series, now several years old and aptly titled “This Ampersand That”, is long overdue. We eat up (pun intended) series of this nature. Photography (ampersand) typography… is there anything better?

Via Tumblr

Blincoe-01 Blincoe-02 Blincoe-03 Blincoe-04 Blincoe-05 Blincoe-06 Blincoe-07 Blincoe-08 Blincoe-09 Blincoe-10 Blincoe-11 Blincoe-12 Blincoe-13 Blincoe-14 Blincoe-15 Blincoe-16 Blincoe-17 Blincoe-18 Blincoe-19 Blincoe-20

Mississippi-based designer Jude Landry is über-talented, with a clear affinity for typography. Actually surprised we hadn’t become familiar with his work sooner. He seems to adapt his style to the subject-matter of his work, which makes for a very diverse portfolio. This is just a small sampling of his work, but definitely check out his site. We’re particularly fond of the hand-lettered ampersands… makes our inner type-geek giddy.


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