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Well, that’s actually not exactly accurate. We completed (most of) the renovation of our Rochester studio in the late spring/early summer, but our new chairs finally just arrived a little while ago. So, thought it fitting to unveil in the new year. While it’s not a huge space, we tried to maximize what room we do have, while creating a more open environment. Here’s to our redesigned studio fostering creativity in 2015 and beyond!

Barbour_ROC-1 Barbour_ROC-2 Barbour_ROC-3 Barbour_ROC-4 Barbour_ROC-5 Barbour_ROC-6 Barbour_ROC-7 Barbour_ROC-8 Barbour_ROC-9 Barbour_ROC-10 Barbour_ROC-11 Barbour_ROC-12


Apologies, we’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus while busy with client work and some studio renovations.


The 2011-2012 school year was a tremendous one for Stony Brook University Athletics — having produced conference champions, scholars, an NCAA national title and an Olympian. To mark such a momentous year, Barbour worked with Stony Brook to create an annual report that highlighted these significant achievements. Our approach was to build image-driven layouts with photography from various sources, and pair that imagery with impeccable typography.

Barbour-SB-1 Barbour-SB-2 Barbour-SB-3 Barbour-SB-4 Barbour-SB-5 Barbour-SB-6 Barbour-SB-7


In an effort to showcase potential ESPN partnerships, the Barbour team recently designed these custom labels as a gift to marketing executives. They mimic the actual packaging, but with ESPN branding. A really fun project that was well received.

Barbour Design recently designed a media kit for ESPN, their annual Planning Guide. This year, the design was driven by some great stadium photography, paired with dark hues and contrasting vibrant accents. All materials were printed on a silk stock with dull varnish, plus a spot gloss UV for some punch.

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