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Milan-based designer/illustrator/author Gerald Bear seems to have a bunch of questions in that tremendously creative brain of his. And he answers many visually in his ongoing series Unconventional Heroes. What if all Doc Brown could afford was a Fiat (instead of a DeLorean)? What if Michael Knight did his life’s work from a talking VW Beetle? What if the Mystery Van was a Ford Thames van? Unconventional is a great adjective to describe these fantastic illustrations by Bear. He taps into not only a love of automobiles/transportation, but also a fascination with pop culture, and of course, the art of illustration. Bear marries these altogether in a pleasantly unexpected series that keeps us wanting more. Keep ‘em coming!

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Smart advertising deserves attention, and we love this billboard by German ad agency Serviceplan. They were asked to develop a BMW advertisement for a unique 164’ x 6.5’ light wall in the arrivals hall of the Hamburg Airport. They came up with the brilliant idea to use the reflective surface of the floor to maximize (exceed) their ad space, creating the headline out of half-letters and using the shiny floor to convey the message “Exceed Maximum”. Really clever idea for a special ad space.


Serviceplan-1 Serviceplan-2 Serviceplan-3 Serviceplan-4 Serviceplan-5 Serviceplan-6

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