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Just an update on a favorite post from a while back…. North Carolina-based designer Brent Holloman decided to create a new silhouette of his daughter Vie for the first year of her life. With only four weeks left of this inspiring project, thought we’d share Holloman’s progress. What a great tribute to his daughter, both professionally and personally. Be sure to check out process photos on Holloman’s blog… some of these pieces are physical works, and these shots don’t do the level of creativity and ingenuity Holloman employs much justice. This dude is on top of his game, for sure.


Holloman-01 Holloman-02 Holloman-03 Holloman-04 Holloman-05 Holloman-06 Holloman-07 Holloman-08 Holloman-09 Holloman-10 Holloman-11

Wilmington, NC designer Brent Holloman is dedicated to tracking the growth of his daughter’s first year of life. Clearly a labor of love, Holloman finds new and interesting ways to depict his growing child’s silhouette. “One thing I hear all the time… ‘They grow up so fast.’ So I decided to start a project where I can mark the stages of her growth by doing a silhouette of her each week for her first year (or as long as I can keep it going).” What a cool idea… we will certainly be checking back often to see what he comes up with.


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