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In honor of the Oscars, which happened just a few days ago, we thought we’d take a look at the stellar nominee posters featured throughout the broadcast. The Mill, visual effects, animation and design studio with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, created these fantastic pieces, along with other elements of the show package, including Nomination and In Memoriam sequences. These posters are really quite beautiful and capture the essence of each film. They work well on their own, as still posters, and even better when sequenced together for the broadcast. Fantastic work! Below are just Best Picture nominees, check out their blog for many more.


TheMill-01 TheMill-02 TheMill-03 TheMill-04 TheMill-05 TheMill-06 TheMill-07 TheMill-08 TheMill-09

We often take slick television graphics for granted, so let’s take a moment to recognize the awesomeness of one of the best and most dynamic in the business: SportsCenter. Los Angeles-based art director/motion designer Craig Stouffer did some stellar work on these highly detailed sequences as part of the team at creative branding agency Troika who developed them. Video montage here

Via Behance and

Stouffer-1 Stouffer-2 Stouffer-3 Stouffer-4 Stouffer-5 Stouffer-6 Stouffer-7 Stouffer-8 Stouffer-9

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