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We certainly have a thing for creative food photography (here and here and here), so it’s no surprise that the inventive work of London-based photographer David Sykes caught our eye. Sykes looks at food from an unconventional perspective, and we particularly like the subtle injection of humor in his work. In fact, it’s not exactly food photography, but food-like. His keen eye for composition and smart use of color prove that Sykes is more than a quirky photographer, but a terrific conceptual artist.


Sykes-01 Sykes-02 Sykes-03 Sykes-04 Sykes-05 Sykes-06 Sykes-07 Sykes-08 Sykes-09

New York City startup Gift Couture specializes in designing unique coordinated wrapping paper sets. Their first (and only) set so far is this fun cheeseburger theme. Hoping the gift inside is as good as this delicious wrapping.


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