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It’s a wonder we’ve never come across another photographer doing this, or perhaps it’s just never been done so well. We’re all familiar with Australian photographer Anne Geddes’s ubiquitous photos of sleeping babies. But Southern California-based photographer Laura Izumikawa takes a slightly edgier approach. What we imagine started off as the new mother’s inability to rest while her newborn daughter, Joey Marie, sleeps, Izumikawa channeled her stellar photography skills into a growing series that we just can’t get enough of. From Beyoncé to Pikachu to Sia to Cinderella, Izumikawa photographs her adorable (and cooperative) daughter in various states of costumed slumber. Not sure how long these brilliant cosplay (yes, a contraction of the words costume and play) photos can/will continue, but we urge Izumikawa to keep snapping a dozing Joey as long as she can. Brings a huge smile to our faces!

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Via Instagram

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When Clase Premier magazine, AeroMéxico’s first- and business-class in-flight magazine, decided to feature renowned Danish chef René Redzepi on its cover, one could never imagine the resulting brilliance. This amazing silhouette of Redzepi’s face was illustrated photographically by Mexican design studio Golpeavisa, “by shooting a bunch of cuisine and kitchen related elements in perspective.” This clearly involved a great vision and lots of planning. Be sure to check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look.

Via Behance

Yes, design can be editable too. We do love all things food, so when we happened upon the work of UK-based chef turned chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory, we had to share. His award-winning work is apparently not only delicious, but also pretty amazing from an artistic standpoint. He does custom work for corporate and individual clients (think Ace of Cakes)… we only wish he was closer.


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