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British artist Nick Smith speaks the visual language of a true contemporary artist. His work is thoughtful, compelling and current. Seemingly inspired by 8-bit graphics of his youth, Smith recreates recognizable paintings from a variety of famous artists using little more than a brilliant sense of color and some custom Pantone Color Chips. Though the work he’s recreating employs broad ranges of color and is often very detailed, his pixelated reinterpretations are still remarkably recognizable. True to Smith’s attention to detail, he does not use standard Pantone chips, but rather customizes them with specific names that relate to the artwork they comprise, adding another layer of dimension to these already impressive works.

More pixelated work here and here and here.

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Given the late breaking, historical news that a NASA probe, launched some nine and a half years ago, and traveling an astounding 3 billion miles, has finally reached Pluto just hours ago, we thought it fitting to showcase this series of custom astronomy logos by Berlin-based designer Jonas Söder. We love Söder’s style here, sort of giving a nod to sci-fi graphics of the 1950s, but with a modern twist. His use of texture is quite nice, with a clear typographical prowess, as demonstrated by his custom letterforms. Out of this world, indeed.

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Soder-01 Soder-02 Soder-03 Soder-04 Soder-05 Soder-06 Soder-07 Soder-08 Soder-09 Soder-10 Soder-11 Soder-12 Soder-13

California-based photographer/artist Cheryl Sorg takes collage work to a whole other level. Sorg sells these large (three foot tall) custom works, and tailors them to individuals. Customers provide their thumbprint, as well as a list of interests (much-loved books, music, films, poetry, quotes, places traveled and lived, etc.), then Sorg finds corresponding text and images, and trims them into strands, eventually forming a stunning thumbprint. Can’t begin to imagine how long something like this takes, but it’s an excellent idea, and really well done from what we can see.


Sorg-1 Sorg-2 Sorg-3 Sorg-4 Sorg-5 Sorg-6

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