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Croatian multidisciplinary designer Vladimir Koncar has a fondness for experimental typography, as shown in his terrific typography project called Diary Type. “Diary Type is a kind of personal typographic diary that started as a experiment in 2007. I collect various objects and from them I form the letters. With those letters I write my thoughts down and they are a symbolic link between the font and the reflections.” We particularly love the seemingly random choice of materials.


Koncar-01 Koncar-02 Koncar-03 Koncar-04 Koncar-05 Koncar-06 Koncar-07 Koncar-08 Koncar-09 Koncar-10 Koncar-11 Koncar-12 Koncar-13 Koncar-14

Okay, so this is not necessarily fine art or design, per se, but we’re intrigued nonetheless. We’ve all seen “Wash me!” etched into layers of dirt on filthy vehicles, but Texas artist Scott Wade has taken it to the next level. Wade, a formally trained artist, uses an array of brushes and his hands to create works of art from dust and grime on dirty vehicles. His canvas is often surfaces of vehicles belonging to him, but he also creates works of art on the vehicles of perfect strangers as well.


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