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Minneapolis designer and illustrator David Schwen likes to play with his food. We love Schwen’s Pantone Pairings series, which matches swatches of foods that go together: PB&J, macaroni and cheese, cookies and milk, etc. Reminiscent of work by French art director Emilie Guelpa. Prints available here soon.


Schwen-01 Schwen-02 Schwen-03 Schwen-04 Schwen-05 Schwen-06 Schwen-07 Schwen-08 Schwen-09 Schwen-10 Schwen-11 Schwen-12

French art director Emilie Guelpa was commissioned by French culinary magazine Fricote (and later displayed at a Paris grocer) to create these Pantone-inspired tarts, with great results. Looks like the tart is covered in some sort of white icing, then vibrant foods are applied to resemble a Pantone chip. What a great use of colors and textures. Really imaginative and well done

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