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Light and shadow are among the fundamentals of photography. Barcelona-based photographer/art director Pol Úbeda Hervàs created this series of photos that puts his own shadow front and center, as the subject of this intriguing work. Hervàs explains that these pieces are about identity: “How can we accept that we are changing? How can we accept we hardly recognize ourselves in certain situations? I am changing at this very moment of my life. I do not react in the same ways I used to. I am surprised. Is that me? These pictures are the way I see myself now. My shadow is there but I erase myself because I don´t know who I am any longer. The shoes remain only to make sure there is something more than… a shadow.” This may seem like a rather cerebral concept to some, but it really is quite straightforward. And executed perfectly by Hervàs. Well done!

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Hervas-1 Hervas-2 Hervas-3 Hervas-4 Hervas-5 Hervas-6

Los Angeles-based photographer Matthew Brandt has a fascination with the photographic process, and its relationship with the subject matter. For instance, when Brandt photographs a lake, the large format prints are soaked in water from said lake. But it doesn’t stop there; nothing seems to be off limits. Brandt has experimented with Cheez Whiz, Kool-Aid, dust, ashes from human and animal remains and various bodily fluids, among others. And again, these are not chosen at random, but rather serve to tell a larger story. Fascinating work by a young artist who was recently ranked among the “Top 30 Under 30 in Art & Design” by Forbes.

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Brandt-01 Brandt-02 Brandt-03 Brandt-04 Brandt-05 Brandt-06 Brandt-07 Brandt-08 Brandt-09 Brandt-10

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