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At first glance, it’s not immediately apparent what these round masses are. But upon closer examination, it’s clear that these are actually very familiar sights (albeit from a disorienting angle). Chinese photographer Lo Cheuk Lun and his Shanghai-based photography studio, Stuff, shot these shampoo-lathered heads for monthly international fashion magazine Numéro. While the concept is rather interesting, this could have been sort of dull and uninspiring. In the skillful hands of Cheuk Lun, however, the series really comes to life. It’s executed perfectly, and we’d love to see even more hair types. It’s a wonder this wasn’t conceived sooner. Well done.


Cheuk_Lun-1 Cheuk_Lun-2 Cheuk_Lun-3 Cheuk_Lun-4 Cheuk_Lun-5 Cheuk_Lun-6 Cheuk_Lun-7 Cheuk_Lun-8 Cheuk_Lun-9

German portrait photographer Thorsten Schmidtkord has turned portraiture on its head, literally. From the looks of it, Schmidtkord photographs his subjects, then manipulates their likeness by swapping their chins with the top of their heads in this series he calls Head on Top. These “bearded” faces are admittedly creepy to some degree, but also fascinating and confusing. Can’t help but stare at them.


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