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No matter what you think of CNN’s new corporate font, aptly named CNN Sans, CNN’s investment in not only the font itself, but this humorous, highly-produced video touting its attributes seems like a win for those of us who hold the value of typography in the highest regard. As far as we’re concerned, increased awareness of the importance of typography can only be a good thing. Albeit, there are some haters who consider CNN Sans to be a blatant ripoff of Helvetica (CNN even acknowledges the, um, resemblance between the two). In case you’re wondering about possible copyright infringement, no worries… CNN Sans was developed by type foundry powerhouse Monotype Imaging, who has brought us ubiquitous typefaces such as Times New Roman, Gill Sans and Arial. Oh, and they own the rights to Helvetica.


CNNSans-01 CNNSans-02





Granting a classic font superpowers seems like a tall order, but French design student René Mambembé has done just that. Drawing inspiration from major comic book and movie characters (as well as a few unexpected ones), Mambembé dresses Helvetica letterforms in capes, masks and the like, to assemble this imaginative series. An original take on ever-present superhero art. Mambembé should seriously consider making a children’s book out of these!

Via Behance

We’ve been finding that our clients’ latest obsession is the “wordle” or “tag cloud“. In that same vein, German designer Dirk Schächter painstakingly handset the names of countries worldwide in Helvetica Neue Black Condensed to correspond with their respective land masses. This 2-sided poster is not a product of computer auto-generation, folks… but good old fashioned typography. Pentagram also designed a visually similar series of posters for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, found here.

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