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We love alphabet-based typography work (here and here), and artwork from everyday objects (here and here), so we are naturally drawn to this series, STRUCTURE x Type, by Indian design student Rigved Sathe. With form and structure in mind, Sathe created each individual letter from an object (or objects) corresponding to the letter. We love his use of subtle details, from the ghosted letter in the background, to the objects very subtly peeking in from all sides of the perimeter. Sathe has a terrific sense of composition, and his letterforms are quite unique. It’s amazing how typographic explorations of the alphabet itself never get old, and we’re very fond of this talented student’s take.

Via Behance

sathe-01 sathe-02 sathe-03 sathe-04 sathe-05 sathe-06 sathe-07

French painter Françoise Nielly employs a really bold and vivid style that we are really drawn to. Not only does she have an excellent sense of color, but the composition of her work is also notable. The nuance and detail she achieves with her knife is almost like sculpture.


Nielly-01 Nielly-03 Nielly-04 Nielly-05 Nielly-06 Nielly-07 Nielly-08 Nielly-09 Nielly-10 Nielly-11 Nielly-12

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