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Book cover design is no easy task. Much like logo design, book cover design is a tall order that strives to visually represent often complex concepts and themes. Belgian designer/illustrator Levente Szabó (whose stellar work we have featured before) has this on lock-down, as exhibited by his fantastic ongoing series of book cover designs of his favorite novels. His expressive and bold illustration style, along with a keen sense of color and type make for some really great pieces.

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Szabo-02Szabo-04Szabo-01  Szabo-03  Szabo-05 Szabo-06 Szabo-07 Szabo-08 Szabo-09 Szabo-10 Szabo-11 Szabo-12 Szabo-13 Szabo-14 Szabo-15 Szabo-16 Szabo-17 Szabo-18 Szabo-19 Szabo-20 Szabo-21 Szabo-22 Szabo-23 Szabo-24 Szabo-25

Who doesn’t love a good movie poster? The marriage of type and image is something that gets designers excited (us included). And some just really strike a balance. This take on the Stephen King novel turned movie by Belgian designer/illustrator Levente Szabó is one such example. We love the concept, executed in a fitting bold, graphic style. As well as the perspective of the illustration inside the axe silo. Though the size and placement of the type probably wouldn’t fly on a real movie poster, we do appreciate his choice of typeface… it compliments the bold, yet slightly rough illustrative style.

Via Behance

Szabo-1 Szabo-2 Szabo-3

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