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Scottish sculptor and installation artist David Mach’s body of work is impressive, to say the least. With some 30 years of experience, Mach has found compelling ways to gather mass-produced found art objects into flowing formations. His “Matcheads” are particularly striking (pun intended), composed of unstuck colored match sticks arranged to look like the patterned surface of a face. Mach sometimes ignites these match pieces as a form of performance art. Be sure to also check out his work with coat hangers and magazines, among others. Unbelievable work



We have all enjoyed making a collage of some sort, whether it be in preschool pasting random shapes together, or as an exercise in color and form in art school. But Florida-based artist Derek Gores raises the bar with his awe-inspiring collage work. These works on canvas are portraiture with a whole other level of detail and nuance. Amazing work


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