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Annually, we (Barbour) are presented with the wonderful challenge of designing the ESPN Planning Guide—printed and digital collateral serving as a one-stop shop for all the sports, events, facts and figures that media professionals need to create their 2014 advertising plan. Our task is to make this information both very usable and readable, but also visually compelling. This year we focused on the championship trophies every athlete in their respective sport is chasing after. We developed a clean overall layout and built stunning imagery that could stand on its own, mixing the essential equipment of each sport with visuals of the athletes at the pinnacle of winning. Blind gloss UV, paired with luxurious silk stock, round out the package. Printed by our friends at St. Vincent Press. Enjoy!












Artist and designer Chuck Anderson has a history with ESPN The Magazine (as does Barbour Design… we’ve been supporting their marketing efforts since they launched back in 1998). As a matter of fact, The Mag gave him his first big break back in 2004. Since then, he has gone on to be well regarded in the field of design, and is even credited by some with pioneering the ever-present use of lighting effects. His richly detailed (and self-taught) style is impressive, as showcased in his latest for ESPN The Magazine’s MLB Preview Issue. What could come off as gratuitous, is actually well balanced and dynamic in Chuck’s care. Great work!


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