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Tourism marketing is not something that we think of as terribly design-y. We just assume the process involves input from many people and interests, and therefor gets boiled way down from the designer’s original vision. But in the case of a Smoky Mountain Tourism campaign from several years back by Tennessee-based designer/creative director Shayne Ivy, that vision seems to have won out for the most part. We love Ivy’s style here, which lends itself really well to the concept and is beautifully executed. It’s even a bit reminiscent of other multiple exposure work (here and here), and most notably that by the great Olly Moss (here), which is certainly the highest compliment. It appears that Smoky Mountain Tourism has since shelved this campaign, but a resurrection may be in order… Ivy’s double exposure silhouette concept and treatments are far superior in our mind.

Via Behance

ivy-01 ivy-02 ivy-03 ivy-04 ivy-05

Just in time for the Oscars, which take place this Sunday, creative genius Olly Moss (here and here) designed this amazing poster, featuring Best Picture Academy Awards from the past 85 years… each represented by its main character. Moss’s work never ceases to amaze and delight.


Moss-1 Moss-2 Moss-3

Boston-based art director/designer/illustrator/film buff Ibraheem Youssef definitely has a particular aesthetic…. sort of a grungy, bold style. His fantastic series of film posters are some of the best we’ve seen (even reminiscent of the great Olly Moss… here and here).


English designer/artist/illustrator Olly Moss does it again. With an almost cult-like following, Moss released this limited edition, officially licensed poster for one of the summer’s most anticipated films (opening today!) for just 24 hours earlier this week… and fans (of both TDKR and Moss) snatched them up in droves. 9,350 were sold in that short time, a number that Moss himself calls “Very humbling. Literally about ten times what I’d imagined/hoped.”


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