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As designers we are all too familiar with the Pantone Matching System… the industry standard for classifying colors with an alphanumeric code, allowing for accurate recreation across media. We literally refer to it daily, and many designers can often rattle off Pantone numbers with great excitement and precision (we are guilty as charged). Brazilian-born, Madrid-based photographer Angélica Dass capitalizes on the familiarity of the Pantone system in her ongoing Humanæ Project, in an effort to “record and catalog all possible human skin tones.” This “chromatic inventory” is certainly a tall order, but Dass’s approach is a terrifically visually engaging way to broach the subject of social, cultural and racial identity, which is close to her heart. To date, Dass has indexed over 3,000 different shades from volunteers around the world (22 cities and 14 different countries on five continents, to be exact). Dass’s project has taken on a life of its own, even spawning educational and outreach programs developed by Dass herself. Not only do we love the concept, but Dass’s execution and philanthropic spirit really take it to the next level. Be sure to check out Dass’s TED Talk (here) to learn more about the origins and goal of this laudable project.

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Indonesia-based artist/photographer/designer Romo Jack, otherwise known by the handle @ponypork, gives new meaning to working with one’s hands. Jack, a 20-something savvy social media maven, dreams up a variety of otherwise mundane activities, such as cooking, ironing, painting, drawing, playing music, playing sports, and even photographing, and captures them from an aerial point of view. Jack’s terrific compositions all have two things in common: his signature elaborately tattooed forearms as a subject, and a (very deliberately) Instagram-friendly square canvas. We appreciate Jack’s attention to detail and meticulous crafting of each image. We’re excited to see how this fantastic series, #whatmyhandsdoing, evolves in the future. And his ever-growing base of almost 33,000 Instagram followers undoubtedly feels the same.

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ponypork-01 ponypork-02 ponypork-03 ponypork-04 ponypork-05 ponypork-06 ponypork-07 ponypork-08 ponypork-09 ponypork-10 ponypork-11 ponypork-12 ponypork-13 ponypork-14 ponypork-15 ponypork-16

Minneapolis designer and illustrator David Schwen likes to play with his food. We love Schwen’s Pantone Pairings series, which matches swatches of foods that go together: PB&J, macaroni and cheese, cookies and milk, etc. Reminiscent of work by French art director Emilie Guelpa. Prints available here soon.


Schwen-01 Schwen-02 Schwen-03 Schwen-04 Schwen-05 Schwen-06 Schwen-07 Schwen-08 Schwen-09 Schwen-10 Schwen-11 Schwen-12

We have a thing for calendars, and this one is particularly good. Pentagram’s Eddie Opara and Brankica Harvey designed Pantone’s 2013 Wall and Engagement calendars, utilizing the famed PMS color chips as a design device. The color chips are treated as pixels, creating digitized images for each month. Very clever and well executed.


Pentagram-01 Pentagram-02 Pentagram-03 Pentagram-04 Pentagram-05 Pentagram-06 Pentagram-07 Pentagram-08 Pentagram-09 Pentagram-10 Pentagram-11 Pentagram-12

French art director Emilie Guelpa was commissioned by French culinary magazine Fricote (and later displayed at a Paris grocer) to create these Pantone-inspired tarts, with great results. Looks like the tart is covered in some sort of white icing, then vibrant foods are applied to resemble a Pantone chip. What a great use of colors and textures. Really imaginative and well done

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