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On this Election Day eve, perhaps the most historic U.S. election in our lifetime, a large swath of the population is bound to be unsatisfied with the outcome. With that in mind, we bring you a short video by Paris-based motion design studio Parallel that’s both amusing and unnerving. Though it has no relation to the election itself, it’s a terrifically animated short about everyday situations that are simply unsatisfying. The appeal of this video is twofold for us: not only is it highly relatable (we can honestly say that we’ve felt the frustration of every scenario depicted), but the quality of the work, from the overall style, use of color, animation and sound design, are totally on point. Having realized they really tapped into something, Parallel Studio is now conducting a challenge (here) to fellow animators no matter their skill level, to submit creative takes on other unsatisfying situations.


parallel-01 parallel-02 parallel-03 parallel-04 parallel-05 parallel-06 parallel-07

Hong Kong-based designer/illustrator Toby Ng brings to life various (often surprising) statistics about the spread of population around the world. Ng poses the question “If the world was a village of 100 people…” The clean graphics and typography put these statistics into perspective in a way that is really easy to digest. This is just a sampling of the series, be sure to check out his website for more.


Ng-1 Ng-2 Ng-3 Ng-4 Ng-5 Ng-6 Ng-7


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