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San Diego-based designer/illustrator Mark Jamotillo (AKA Studio Mark5) employs enviable typography skills in his fantastic designs. His bold, graphic style is perfect for his target market: apparel, music and skateboard graphics. This series of postcards promoting Eddie Vedder shows in the West are truly awesome. Sought after work like this serves not only as promotion for the concerts themselves, but collectors and those who appreciate good design gobble them up too. Artist edition prints available here.


Jamotillo-01 Jamotillo-08 Jamotillo-07 Jamotillo-06 Jamotillo-05 Jamotillo-04 Jamotillo-03 Jamotillo-02

Barcelona-based design studio Forma and Co. recently completed a fantastic project entitled “Re-Vision”, which is “an exercise in style and synthesis of different cultural icons.” These sophisticated illustrated portraits, in the form of postcards, are super minimalist, but immediately recognizable. And the colors are stunning! Wish they were for saleā€¦.

Via Behance

Forma-01 Forma-02 Forma-03 Forma-04 Forma-05 Forma-06 Forma-07 Forma-08 Forma-09 Forma-10 Forma-11 Forma-12 Forma-13 Forma-14 Forma-15

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