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With one of his latest masterpieces, Wreck, Brooklyn-based sculptor/artist Jordan Griska beautifully juxtaposes opulence and misfortune in a truly provocative way. Painstakingly crafted from over 12,000 individual pieces of mirror-finish stainless steel over the course of almost two years, Griska’s Wreck tells the story of a (life-size) Mercedes-Benz S550 involved in a fatality wreck. We are absolutely in awe of this piece, and Griska multi-disciplinary approach, from 3D modeling technology, engineering proficiency, precision laser cutting and good old fashioned hand assembly. Not only is this fascinating sculpture beautiful, but it also evokes very relevant and stimulating sociopolitical concepts surrounding wealth and debauchery. Griska says it best: “The perfect geometry and flawless materiality of the piece reflect the inspiration of idealized digital design, in stark contrast with the grimness of the reality it represents. Beauty, technology and engineering collide with death and reality.”


Smart advertising deserves attention, and we love this billboard by German ad agency Serviceplan. They were asked to develop a BMW advertisement for a unique 164’ x 6.5’ light wall in the arrivals hall of the Hamburg Airport. They came up with the brilliant idea to use the reflective surface of the floor to maximize (exceed) their ad space, creating the headline out of half-letters and using the shiny floor to convey the message “Exceed Maximum”. Really clever idea for a special ad space.


Serviceplan-1 Serviceplan-2 Serviceplan-3 Serviceplan-4 Serviceplan-5 Serviceplan-6

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