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As we’ve mentioned before (here and here and here), 3D rendering has come a really long way in recent years. With technology advancing exponentially, the world of three-dimensional work has gotten more real, to the point that it’s sometimes difficult to discern what’s computer generated and what’s actually real. This gorgeous series, GoldRush, by Slovenian designer Črtomir Just exemplifies that fine line. We all know that these items aren’t actually made of gold, but Just nearly makes us believe it. In his own words, Just explains, “Since the world is obsessed with everything that’s golden, I decided to make a fun 3D series that takes the popular ‘gold’ naming for a spin and tries to depict these products literally or how they would look like, if they were truly made out of gold.”

Via Behance

Just-1 Just-2 Just-3 Just-4 Just-5 Just-6 Just-7

Smart advertising deserves attention, and we love this billboard by German ad agency Serviceplan. They were asked to develop a BMW advertisement for a unique 164’ x 6.5’ light wall in the arrivals hall of the Hamburg Airport. They came up with the brilliant idea to use the reflective surface of the floor to maximize (exceed) their ad space, creating the headline out of half-letters and using the shiny floor to convey the message “Exceed Maximum”. Really clever idea for a special ad space.


Serviceplan-1 Serviceplan-2 Serviceplan-3 Serviceplan-4 Serviceplan-5 Serviceplan-6

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