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Calgary-based designer/illustrator Michael Mateyko, of the design duo otherwise known as KOMBOH (with Hans Thiessen), has found yet another way to showcase the superhero artwork that we love and admire. This time it’s a poster of minimalist superheroes in tidy little circles. Though there are admittedly some obscure characters here, known only to hardcore comic book fans, the mainstays are also well represented in a fresh manner. Prints for sale here.


Mateyko-1 Mateyko-2

Barcelona-based design studio Forma and Co. recently completed a fantastic project entitled “Re-Vision”, which is “an exercise in style and synthesis of different cultural icons.” These sophisticated illustrated portraits, in the form of postcards, are super minimalist, but immediately recognizable. And the colors are stunning! Wish they were for saleā€¦.

Via Behance

Forma-01 Forma-02 Forma-03 Forma-04 Forma-05 Forma-06 Forma-07 Forma-08 Forma-09 Forma-10 Forma-11 Forma-12 Forma-13 Forma-14 Forma-15

With the summer movie season heating up, the popularity of The Avengers and anticipation of some other big names (Spider-Man, Batman), superheroes are more popular than ever. Italian artist Matt Cowan has a unique take on the subject that caught our eye. How cool are these?


Since reading about Texas-based Mondo in the New York Times late last year, we’ve been really taken with their work. This offshoot of theater chain Alamo Drafthouse commissions artists to design alternate versions of movie posters. Quite fittingly, they recently released a series of posters tied into and coinciding with Marvel’s blockbuster The Avengers. They are all brilliant, particularly the glow in the dark edition of Thor.


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