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Love is in the air on this Valentine’s Day, but Los Angeles-based artists DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez promote a different kind of love. Started in 2011, this collaboration has blossomed into a full-fledged non-profit organization, CANLOVE, whose mission is to upcycle otherwise discarded or abandoned spray paint cans. Over the years, they have saved (by hand!) some 15,000+ spray paint cans from the landfill. And in the process created some beautiful, innovative and intriguing artwork. Armed with “spray bouquets”, blooming flower creations and heart-shaped works, CANLOVE can suit all your Valentine’s Day needs (visit their Flower Shop here). Not only do we love their work on a purely artistic level, but the fact that this work also has a purpose really makes our hearts pound.


We love the work of Spanish designer/art director David de la Fuente. His identity and typography work is impeccable. And, appropriately enough, he even has a piece honoring February 14th. Check out some of his work below (identity for a sport fishing shop, business card for shower and bath screen specialist, film poster, identity for international sports schools, identity for translation and training services company, poster campaign for occupational risks prevention), and more on his site.


Fuente-01 Fuente-02 Fuente-03 Fuente-04 Fuente-05 Fuente-06 Fuente-07 Fuente-08 Fuente-09 Fuente-10 Fuente-11 Fuente-12 Fuente-13 Fuente-14 Fuente-15 Fuente-16 Fuente-17 Fuente-18


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