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Young UK designer Jeffrey Huynh may be wise beyond his years. In his own words, Huynh says “the best ideas are sometimes also the simplest.” And he couldn’t be more right. In an age of fancy computer-generated work, Huynh bucked that trend with this piece for Wallpaper Magazine. His handmade 3D typography looks terrific, and reminds us that there is a certain satisfaction with hand work.


Huynh-01 Huynh-02 Huynh-03 Huynh-04 Huynh-05 Huynh-06 Huynh-07 Huynh-08 Huynh-09 Huynh-10 Huynh-11

British designer Kyle Bean has an impressive body of work, never mind that he graduated from college just a few years ago. What is striking about his portfolio is the level of detail that seems to go into each project. Interesting concepts that are really well executed. Hats off to Bean. We look forward to witnessing the evolution of this impressive young designer.


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