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I had to share these printed on Soccer Balls—It’s brilliant! Now, how do we do it?? This could be a great idea for marketing or a special gift to clients?

Link: image post

And of course to follow the previous post with a potential vendor for paper boxes is a post on inspirational self mailers. enjoy! [fh]

Best Self Mailers

I’m posting this more as a reference if we need to get custom boxes made for some marvelous marketing idea! Enjoy! [fh]

United Paper Boxes

Check out the live poster entries as they come in for the Graphis publication competition.

Graphis Call for Entries / Live Entries Gallery



Sanderson Bob Studio

From the New York Times:

“New York City’s health watchdogs warn that drinking too much sugary soda could cost you a leg. But you also might lose a limb if you appear in one of their ads.”

Story Here

Follow Up

Check out these cool visuals by Austin Weyer for the NFL Playoffs. Enjoy.

Link: Austin Weyer’s Portfolio

‘Do you like sports? Do you like good writing and a keen eye for the cool? Then you’re going to love Chitwood & Hobbs, by Ryan Sims and Nick Hall.’ —Check out Chitwood & Hobbs for sports writing and a well designed website.

Link: Chitwood & Hobbs

I know we are starting to dabble into the idea of creating Apps. Here are some examples from Mike Kruzeniski. Enjoy!

Link: Mike Kruzeniski’s Portfolio

Check out Chartwell, this awesome font from TK Type! This makes creating charts in the adobe creative suite not just easy but fun! Check out the Instructional video and TK Type!

Video Link:

Foundry: TK Type

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