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We love the work of UK designer/illustrator Richard Davies (see some outstanding portraits here). In honor of Halloween, check out Davie’s awesome interpretations of some horror film icons. The details and textures in his work are incomparable.


Irish artist Eoin O’Connor (best known as simply Eoin) has a few passions that inspire his art. Surf culture references dominate his large scale work, but he has recently also been experimenting with these visually stunning eyes. Eoin describes his ongoing quest to establish his own unique style: “I mainly paint ocean inspired scenes in which I try to capture some of the energy experienced while in and around the water. Over the past year I have been working towards merging the 3 areas in which I draw inspiration – surfing, street art and fine art. My goal is to create something that can bridge the gaps between genres and stand alone as my own style.” We’d say he is well on his way.


Movie poster design can be a true art, and Austin, TX-based studio Mondo are masters. We actually love the official poster for the sci-fi thriller Looper. But Sony Pictures also teamed with Mondo  (and specifically illustrator/designer Martin Ansin) to create limited edition posters for the film (one in gold, one in silver, which apparently has some significance in the film). We’re sure these photos don’t even do them justice (both versions printed in metallic inks), but they are fantastic nonetheless. And we hear the movie is just as good.

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New Jersey-based multidisciplinary designer and illustrator Michael Molloy has an incredible archive of illustrations that showcase not only his freehand skills, but also his Photoshop proficiency. What could easily turn into a gratuitous marriage of pencil and Photoshop, is actually really well balanced in Molloy’s care. His excellent drawing skills are only punctuated by the touch of digital flavor. In Malloy’s own words, “[my illustration work] speaks to the type of work I love the best. I enjoy working analog as much as possible, and then experiment with mixing in digital medium.” Well done.

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Japanese artist simply known as Makaon creates these phenomenal figures from cans. The details achieved here are really something to see. We love when artists use random objects as art, and Makaon’s work is right up there. Can we get some of these for our desks, please?

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The work of Malaysian illustrator Lim Heng Swee (aka ilovedoodle) just brings a smile, even on this Monday morning. Her work is uncomplicated and, most of all, fun. She has quite a body of work that’s growing everyday (you may have seen her doodles on t-shirts and/or prints). Swee says of her own work, “Life should be fun and humorous when possible and I hope that my illustrations generate a sense of joy and happiness.”


For this fun series of photos, London-based fashion photographer Linus Morales recreated luxury brand logos using food (and without the use of Photoshop). Featured are Chanel sausage links, Louis Vuitton toast, Fendi fish sticks, and Gucci-branded meat. Not sure if this is some sort of commentary about our relationship with food and fashion, but at the very least makes for some engaging photography.

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Good logo design is a tall order. Though the average person takes them for granted, well designed logos require lots of research, thought and planning (and time). Blogger Seth Rosenthal recently sat down with the man behind the Knicks logo, New York-raised, Los Angeles-based designer Michael Doret. It’s a great look at the process, and how some great designs often go unused (a phenomenon that we at Barbour are all too familiar with).

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Yes, design can be editable too. We do love all things food, so when we happened upon the work of UK-based chef turned chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory, we had to share. His award-winning work is apparently not only delicious, but also pretty amazing from an artistic standpoint. He does custom work for corporate and individual clients (think Ace of Cakes)… we only wish he was closer.


We really like these polygonal animal illustrations by UK designer Jonny Delap. Can definitely see them as part of a larger series, maybe a children’s book? For more geometric goodness, see here and here and here.


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