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I love this awesome identity for We Are Tennis by Sam Dallyn.

Check out his work here

Who doesn’t love Legos? Who doesn’t love minimalist design? Here we have the best of both worlds. This excellent “Imagine” ad campaign for Lego by German ad agency Jung von Matt really captures the heart of these splendid little bricks with such simplicity. Do you recognize them all?

Via Ads of the World

Los Angeles duo The Birds and the Beasts is a collaborative effort between illustrator/designer/toy collector Christopher Lee and writer /impulse baker/blog junkie Kristine Songco. This witty poster series is just one example of their creative prowess. Well done

Via The Birds and the Beasts

UK freelance illustrator and animator Liam Brazier creates these remarkable vectors, largely depicting superheroes and other sci-fi characters. The bold colors and sharp angles really bring these to life. Almost reminiscent of origami. Super cool!



Bryan Ku’s Portfolio

British Art Director Albert Exergian has been designing this series of over 40 remarkable minimalist posters depicting popular television shows. He breaks down the identity of each with very basic forms and colors derived from the shows themselves. Simply brilliant!
Via Exergian Blog

The bold, graphic illustration style of this British creative agency is terrific. Came across these great Nike posters, but upon further investigation, a lot of their other work really caught our eye too. Enjoy

Check out these awesome illustration series, Athlete Objects, by Jesse Hora based on Athletes’ nicknames.

Athlete Objects by Jesse Hora

This smart/cheeky photo series by Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli really appeals to our obsessive-compulsive side, bringing order and organization to a new level. Also check out his funny TED talk here.

Via Zilla Magazine

Check out this awesome series of art prints by Brian Lindstrom. I love the concept of merging all-American baseball with social commentary. Visually the aesthetic is beautiful with its nostalgic color pallet and hand-drawn type which is very appealing.

Check Out the Whole series here: Bases Loaded Series

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